Pricing and Financing

The cost of hair restoration depends mostly on the degree of your hair loss, how many grafts you need, and/or how many sessions you need to complete your hair restoration procedure. During your personal consultation, we will review the factors that will both impact your results and ultimate cost.

We perform only one hair transplant procedure at one time. You are the only focus. Many commercial chains may perform more than one procedure at a time and discount based on volume.

Our approach is to perform the highest quality hair restoration surgery and to make the procedure as pleasant an experience as possible.

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) cost is usually more than the traditional surgical strip technique because it is much more time-intensive and involves more time and attention to detail when removing the hair follicles.

At our clinic, the price we quote you is all-inclusive. When researching costs for hair transplant you may come across offers for cheap surgery. Cheap surgery is no bargain. Often the cheaper quotes do not include other costs (extra medication, blood tests, and anesthesia). These costs are then surreptitiously added on after you have committed. Also, you may be quoted a cost per individual hair, not cost per graft, the graft typically contains 1 to 5 hairs each. At AHRC, we charge per graft not per individual hair.

We accept major credit cards; Master Card, VISA, American Express, and Discover Card. We also offer financing options.

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