Hair Loss for Men and Women


Hair Loss in Men and Women: All You Need to Know

Have you been losing hair lately? You are not alone! Millions of men and women suffer from some form of hair loss. We at Amarillo Hair Restoration Center are here with you every step of the way. We will work with you to determine the best treatment options for your condition. With us, you can enjoy full, healthy hair once again!

Do Women Experience Hair Loss?

Yes, Women Lose Hair Too! Did you know that more than 30 million women in the US suffer from hair loss? Fortunately, there are proven treatments that deliver superior results to women as well as men. At Amarillo Hair Restoration Center, we realize that female hair loss is a unique challenge that comes with a significant psychological impact. Keeping that in mind, we will work to determine the underlying causes of hair loss, and personalize your treatment plan to give you a look you will love!

The Hair Growth Cycle

Your hair grows in cycles starting with the anagen, or growth phase that lasts anywhere between two to seven years. Next, your hair enters the catagen phase, a short transitional stage that lasts about ten days. Lastly, your hair enters the telogen phase, a resting period when your hair is released and falls out. The follicle then remains inactive for about three months, and the process begins all over again.

Each hair follicle is independent and goes through the growth cycle at different times. Otherwise, all your hair would fall out at once.  Most people will typically shed 50 to 100 hairs each day. That is normal, and you will not notice any thinning of your hair because as you shed hairs, new hairs are growing out. Hair loss occurs when something disrupts your hair growth cycle, or when your hair follicles are destroyed and replaced with scar tissue.

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss?

The most common cause of hair loss is a genetic condition called androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male or female pattern baldness. This hair loss progresses gradually in predicted patterns. Women usually experience thinning hair, while men will often experience a receding hairline and bald spots.

Hair loss may be due to hormonal changes and imbalances. That could be due to pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. Hormone levels are also affected by your thyroid gland, meaning thyroid problems may contribute to hair loss. Some people experience hair loss due to severe stress or when the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles. Others have scalp infections or skin disorders that may lead to hair loss that can potentially lead to scarring.

Other causes of hair loss you may not be aware include how you style your hair. Cornrows or tight braids, along with any additional hairstyles that pull and tug on your hair can cause a condition called traction alopecia. Additionally, harsh chemicals or over styling can harm your hair.

Fortunately, in most cases, your hair will grow back when you treat the cause of hair loss. However, this is not always the case. It is essential to see a hair loss specialist if you notice excessive hair loss because the sooner you start your treatments, the better your chances are of recovering your hair.

Why Am I Losing Hair?

Your appointment at Amarillo Hair Restoration Center will begin with a consultation and exam. We will first discuss your medical history and any symptoms you are experiencing and will perform a scalp examination. We will also conduct a digital hair analysis using a Densitometer, which gives us a hair count in one centimeter square of your scalp and will reveal any abnormal levels of miniaturization, which are decreased hair shaft diameters.  Once we determine the cause of your hair loss, we will work on an individualized treatment plan designed to address your unique needs.

How Can I Treat Hair Loss?

We understand that our patients come with diverse needs requiring different treatment options. Our practice prides itself on its dedication to offering safe and clinically proven cutting-edge procedures to men and women of all ages and all stages of hair loss. Our treatments include a wide range of options such as medical grade hair products, shampoos, laser hair treatments or even hair restoration.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) For Hair Regrowth: PRP has been shown to prompt inactive hair to enter an active growth phase, causing it to start growing again while promoting cell division and growth. Many patients report beautiful and incredibly natural looking results.

Medical Therapy: Treatment using clinically tested products such as Rogaine®, Nizoral®, or Propecia®, based on your individual needs, can treat hair loss giving you the results you’ve always desired!

Hair Loss Products: Whether you want to treat, halt, or mask hair loss, products such as Tricomin® help promote your hair health, while products such as Capilus Keratin Hair Fibers provide a temporary fix for thinning hair.

Laser Therapy: The LaserCap is one of the latest breakthroughs in non-surgical solutions for hair loss treatment. Proudly backed by research and clinical results, your one-of-a-kind Laser Cap presents a portable, affordable, and discreet hair growth solution.

Hair Restoration Surgery: Whether you choose NeoGraft or the strip method hair transplantation, you can enjoy natural-looking results for years to come.


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