How to Stop Hair Loss in Women

It could be physical or emotional stress, a disruption in your hair growth cycle, pregnancy, a lack of vitamins, not enough protein or a health condition. The reasons women lose their hair are many, but the result is the same: Feeling insecure, self-conscious, even judged by society.

Many women lose hair every day; a normal amount is 50 to 100 strands daily. But more than that can indicate an issue. For more women than you may think, hair loss is common. So common in fact, that 40% of women are affected by hair loss at some point in their lives.

Some women succeed in stopping hair loss on their own

If you’re noticing large amounts of hair in the sink after brushing your hair, or gathered around the shower drain, you can make changes to try and stop the loss. Many women have had success with making simple changes such as:

  • Changing your hairstyle – Avoid tight ponytails, cornrows, braids or other styles that pull the small hairs that make up your hairline.
  • Chilling out – Keep your hair away from heat. Heat breaks bonds within your hair strands, causing brittle hair to break and fall out.
  • Saying no to chemicals – Using harsh chemicals to straighten, bleach or lighten your hair can damage the hair shaft; weakening hair and causing hair loss.
  • Eating well – Choose foods high in iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 to help boost thinning strands.
  • Trying essential oils – Carrot seed, cypress, lavender, rosemary and many others have regenerative, soothing, and balancing properties that can improve the condition of the scalp and promote hair growth.

Advanced treatments in Amarillo can stop hair loss in women for good

If you’ve tried shampoos, medication or diet and lifestyle changes, and you’re still losing your hair, have hope. There is a way to stop hair loss and look and feel like yourself again with revolutionary hair loss treatment for women in Amarillo, Texas.

Led by medical director and board-certified physician Ammar Jarrous, MD, Amarillo Hair Restoration Center has helped thousands of women grow thicker, fuller hair with the latest treatment innovations. From platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy to clinically tested products to laser therapy to high-quality NeoGraft hair transplantation, our highly skilled team is dedicated to helping you regrow your hair and regain your confidence.

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