What Age Do Women Usually Lose Their Hair?

Losing hair is only an issue for guys with male pattern baldness, or for older men, right? Millions of women probably wish that were true. Although thinning hair is more common among men, women can experience the emotional and physical challenges of hair loss, too. And it can happen at almost any age.

At what age do women lose their hair?

Many women in their 50s and 60s lose hair as their hormones change during and after menopause. Other causes of hair loss, such as stress, poor nutrition and medical conditions, have no age limit.

Still, other women inherit their hair loss: Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is a progressive condition that typically begins with a widening part. You may also notice receding hair around your temples. Without treatment, you could develop widespread thinning. But today’s treatments can prevent hair loss from worsening and even help you regrow your hair.

Expert, compassionate care for women’s hair loss

No matter how old or young you are when hair loss begins, at the first sign, turn to advanced care for women’s hair loss in Amarillo. If you’re noticing a widening part, or that more and more hair is coming off in your brush or comb, Amarillo Hair Restoration Clinic is here with board-certified expertise, treatments specifically designed for women, and total support.

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