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NeoGraft is a state of the art system which uses negative air pressure to precisely extract complete individual hair follicles then using postive air pressure it inserts the graft to the selected areas of the scalp.This system is the first and only Class One FDA Listed automated medical device for hair restoration. The NeoGraft harvests, collects, and implants individual follicular grafts. The NeoGraft automated hair transplantation system is a minimally-invasive microsurgical procedure and is is the only complete hair harvesting system on the market today.

The follicular unit extraction technique (FUE)

This minimally invasive method of hair transplantation was introduced in the late ninety’s. In this technique there is no need to excise a skin strip from the back of the scalp. Instead, the follicles are removed from the donor area one at the time using a punch device. These small circular incisions made by the punch are barely visible with the naked eye. The hair follicles then are removed using special forceps and transplanted into the recipient area.

This technique had limitation in the past due to the time required to extract one hair follicle at the time which limited the number of grafts transplanted at one given session. However, recent advancement with automated FUE devices made this technique faster, time efficient and it reduced the side effects associated with the strip technique (Long recovery, scar, bleeding, pain and possible nerve injury).

The benefits of FUE technique are that there is no incision or scar, no staples or sutures, minimal complications and fast recovery with less activities restriction. most importantly, the donor site is scar free and the patient can have a short hair cut without the unsightly scar.Most hair restoration doctors are not willing to learn or offer the FUE technique since the surgical strip technique is easier and faster for the surgeon. Therefore, the strip technique is often offered at a reduced price per graft.Natural Hair LineOn the other hand, most patients would prefer the FUE minimally invasive technique over the more invasive “surgical strip” because the FUE offers a natural look.

How Is It Done?

The length of the procedure depends on the number of hair graft transplanted. In most cases, the details will be discussed with the doctor before the procedure. Patient will be awake during this procedure and may listen to music on an iPad or iPhone.

After the local anesthetics are applied, the donor area on the back of the scalp is cleaned and prepared for the procedure. Using the automated FUE device, the hair follicles are removed one at the time. These follicles then are examined under microscope by experienced technicians to confirm the quality and to separate the grafts into units of one to four hair follicles groups. Subsequently, the single hair follicles are transplanted to form the front hair line and the two, three and four hair follicles will be transplanted in the recipient area behind the front hair line. The transplanted hair follicles will be implanted in exact natural direction and distribution to achieve the most natural hair appearance.

Surgical Strip Technique

There are many techniques used in hair restoration. The “surgical strip technique” is the most common and more invasive. In this technique, a section of the skin from the back of the scalp is surgically excised. Subsequently, the wound created is closed with staples or stitches. The skin strip then is placed under microscope and the hair follicles are separated with a blade by experienced technicians. The hair grafts then placed into the recipient site one at a time.This technique results in a visible scar if the hair above is thin or short. Also the surgical strip is associated with more pain and longer recovery time than the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique.