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Female Success Stories

  • “ I had to wear a wig all the time to cover up my hair loss. I didn’t want anybody to know about my hair loss. Now it has been almost a year since my hair restoration and my bald spots have filled in and my hair feels fuller and thicker and looks normal again. I don’t need to wear my wig anymore”
    • LK
  • “ Since I lost my eyebrow hair I’ve been embarrassed to go in public. I used eyebrow liner to cover up but it wasn’t enough. I even tried using Minoxidil and Rogaine, which did very little to help regrow my hair. I finally decided to have eyebrow hair restoration. The procedure was much easier than I thought, and now, six months later I can see the hair growing. I am very pleased with the results”.
    • JC
  • “ I have gone thru severe hair loss and there was a time when I actually gave up after I tried everything in the market. Finally, I made a decision to have hair restoration and I am very happy with my decision. I had 2500 hair follicles transplant eight months ago and I can see hair gain and increase volume already. The good news that I was told that 12-18 months after the procedure I will see the full result and I’m looking forward to see the final outcome”.
    • CS