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About Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Male-Pattern Baldness

Male pattern alopecia is the the most frequent type of hair thinning or loss in males. This condition causes hair loss as early as late adolescence and genetics are assumed to be the primary factor, despite the fact that testosterone plays an important role as well.

At the hair follicle, testosterone is converted into DHT (5a-dihydrotestosterone). The DHT binds to hair follicle receptor and reduce the anagen phase (growing phase) of the hair follicle. As a result the hair passes earlier into the telogen phase (non-growing phase) and falls out. Gradually the hair becomes thinner and shorter and the hair follicle becomes smaller. The density and location of these hair follicle receptors varies and it is genetically determined.

Male pattern baldness progress from stage one to stage seven during the male life time.

Female-Pattern Baldness

There are over 35 Million women in the US that suffer from hair loss. Women usually develop hair loss later in life than men. The hair loss pattern varies from that of men. Female hair loss typically covers a wider area on the top of the head.